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Authoritative and scintillating speaker

Gerrien Anbeek is an inspiring international speaker, moderator and chairman at conferences. She is a social scientist and expert in the field of HR, leadership and digital transformation in organizations. She regularly facilitates and organizes international workshops and seminars in the business community and at large events. 

Gerrien’s education provides a substantive and scientific basis for her activities. She graduated in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, Management & Organisation, from Utrecht University and completed the BSc, Personnel & Organization at Hogeschool Utrecht. She completed the postacademic course as a legal mediator and ADR specialist at the University of Amsterdam and the postacademic Program for Experienced Supervisors at Erasmus University.

Her book Een Tesla inparkeren kan iedereen – Leiderschap in Digitale Transformatie and articles about trends in the labor market, leadership, ethical aspects of AI and digital transformation show what she brings to the table.


Gerrien combines humor and content during her presentations and workshops. She combines a charismatic way of presenting and connecting with her audience with a large amount of knowledge, which she knows how to translate concretely for her customers. It’s all about people and their stories and Gerrien ensures that they get moving themselves too.

She provides concrete customized solutions, for example through design thinking workshops, leadership development, team building and assessment, Agile WoW and culture change processes. For organizations, if desired, she converts the results of a workshop into jointly determining a vision, mission or strategy, a new organizational structure, an interpretation of a team assessment and process improvement proposals.

Gerrien has a Big4 consultancy background and more than 25 years of experience with international complex change projects at clients.


Her inspired and empathic way of speaking make Gerrien a charismatic and engaging personality. As a speaker and chairman she is accessible, dynamic and entertaining. Her lectures are experienced as valuable and inspiring because of her broad knowledge and expertise, because of the interactive practical cases with which she underpins her vision and because she sets people in motion when facilitating workshops.

Gerrien has extensive experience as a chairman and speaker at events, off-sites, conferences and seminars. Through Schouten & Nelissen she has regularly provided leadership training and team coaching. Together with the client, she will fill in the content and build the workshop and make sure the day goes according to plan. She can be booked as a speaker, chairman and facilitator through Marga Miltenburg of ZijSpreekt.

Management Retreat Santenay

Gerrien Anbeek and Cint Kortmann offer an innovative concept of management training and retreat in Santenay, Burgundy; the MANAGEMENT RETRAITE. Distinctive is the acquisition of knowledge on topics such as digital transformation, big data and robotics in an inspiring environment, combined with accelerated leadership development. But we do more: By underpinning results and insights about where the organisation is going with smart tools and dashboards, we create instant value and competitive advantage. Leadership development goes deeper and teambuilding and cultural change are better anchored by a concrete spot on the horizon with data visualisation. Visits to leading and innovative wineries enhance the experience and wine tastings provide the necessary joy the vivre.

Gerrien Anbeek

“I like it best when I can add value and make a difference for my audience with my substantive knowledge and experience, such as (digital) transformation and HR, the labour market, cultural change and the future of work. My lectures, publications and book are the perfect medium for this. Bringing new facts and insights and making them applicable for my clients and audience is much more to me than proclaiming all kinds of opinions on trends.”

Get inspired. Book Gerrien as a speaker or chairman via ZijSpreekt.