We help clients prepare for change in the future of work in a way that does justice to their organisation. We ask questions like: what is coming up and how does that affect your company’s strategy, HR strategy and organisational culture? HR strategy and advice is not an end in itself. It should be deployed in such a way that it contributes to the organisation’s growth strategy and objectives and reinforces the high performance culture. Digital transformation requires different people with different skills. Strategic use of potential and diversity, combined with strengthening leadership, plays a key role in the long-term success of the organisation. Organisational culture, outdated technology and talent retention are the biggest challenges in digital transformations. An effective HR function ensures optimal talent acquisition, clear digital processes, up-to-date performance management and insightful data analysis. Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP), HR analytics and partnering with the business are crucial tools for achieving the transformation. With a return for the employee and the organisation in the form of reinforcement of new competencies and an adapted organisational culture.

If the organisation’s values and the intended change coincide with employees’ own motivation, there is the greatest chance of lasting results. HR can facilitate this even further by supervising change processes and offering development programmes. After all, people do want to change, but they would rather not be changed. Competencies and personal skills are becoming more important; in the digital age, human qualities such as curiosity, empathy, adaptability and emotional resilience are needed. This way, employees can continue to add value to the (digital) transformation process.

We choose approaches in which people themselves shape and direct their change and development, for example in the future of work, so that they remain co-owners of their change. In doing so, we help build flexibility into workforce planning to ensure long-term success. We also support processes to shape and document talent acquisition, retention and engagement. We are empowering and positive with a focus on expertise, project skills and qualities rather than imperfections, and are critical without being judgmental. Topics such as leadership and succession planning, talent development, growth mindset, performance management, fact-based working, service levels and HR outsourcing, people analytics and remuneration are regular themes in assignments for clients.