Our organisational development model helps organisations to redefine themselves to enable value creation, rather than asking managers and employees to work in new ways within the boundaries of the old business model. In doing so, focusing on leadership, being a role model and developing a learning culture gives organisations the competitive edge they need. Leaders realise that the interplay between people and technology is the way to a better future. Social innovation enables organisations to responsibly facilitate the development of both the organisation and the growth of talents and teams. The organisation’s ambition and the development of talent are thus linked, resulting in an increase in change and competitiveness.

Understanding what technology does and gaining good insight into the consequences of technological changes is essential. Giving hands and feet to Big Data is crucial for successful change. Digital transformation and developments such as robotisation, digitisation and artificial intelligence (AI) have consequences at all levels and for all employees. This involves organisational excellence such as LEAN and Agile in the daily business, but especially transformational excellence such as vision development, setting up innovation and self-management processes, an adequate HR service model and continuous improvement of the organisation. The ‘why’ for the organisation and employees is important here. This forms the motivation for teams to get moving, with a focus on attitude and behaviour and connecting leadership for a lasting result.