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Value creation is about commercial excellence, resources and innovation, but people and agile organizations make the difference. The renowned GO FOR IT! Business & Board Services guides organizational development and leadership processes, digital transformation and cultural change in organizations. Innovative, goal-oriented and with a passion for HR and change, she works together with partners from the Big4 network of the DGA.

We help organizations to prepare for changes in the context of (digital) transformation, in a way that does justice to their ambitions. Supporting them in formulating a vision, implementing the strategy and making a difference with a transformation of people and organization is our strength. We ask questions such as: what is coming your way and how does that influence the mission, commercial ambition, (HR) strategy, organizational culture and structure of your company? Which choices are central to value creation?

Digitalization is different from digital transformation. The first is mainly about improving current technologies and processes, while the second is about building a competitive edge in the longer term. After a crisis, an executive board or management must reimagine not only how their company can best adapt, but also what they need to do to create value for their customers and stakeholders. A focus on leadership is instrumental in this and an appropriate HR strategy has a distinctive effect.

Our organizational development approach helps clients to redefine themselves and thus enable value creation, instead of asking managers and employees to work in new ways within the boundaries of the old business model. A focus on leadership, the leader as a role model and the development of a learning culture gives organizations the necessary competitive advantage. Customers choose us because we help them reimagine and repurpose their position with a customized approach, rather than focusing on digitizing what they already do.


Together with our client, we increase the value, flexibility and effectiveness of their organization based on merit and through innovative transformation, and high-performance leadership and team development.

In co-creation, we realize a distinctive vision of the future for our client by making potential and growth visible in the organization and expertly implementing this with a unique HR strategy and leadership and organizational development approach.

- Sustainable digital transformation -

Agile and learning organisations

Guiding organizations in realizing their ambitions, that is what GA ERVOOR stands for. How do you ensure stability in turbulent times? AI and digital change are accelerating, yet many of our customers are concerned that they are falling behind in making key choices that lead to successful digital transformation. The future belongs to agile, learning and cost-efficient organizations. The corporate governance focus has shifted from profit maximization and shareholder value in the short term to value creation for multiple stakeholders in the long term. Measurable returns are translated into sustainable solutions through an integrated approach to organizational development and HR. The result is an organization that places the customer and employee 100% centrally in the entire customer and employee journey, is connected to a valuable network and considers digital success as the norm.

We focus on the growth of people and organizations, connection and innovation. Connecting strategy and execution to transformation is our trademark, because we understand the intrinsic processes and dynamics that influence successful transformation. We operate at the intersection of corporate governance and leadership, HR and business. For example, our unique organizational development concept with the leadership transformation cycle® and the hourglass model® is implemented with a tailor-made approach and the book ‘Anyone can park a Tesla’. We have access to relevant (international) academic and administrative networks to realize our clients’ ambitions in a results-oriented and impactful way.




Innovation & co-creation


An agile organization has the ability to be both stable and efficient, as well as dynamic and adaptive. The paradox in scaling agility is introducing flexibility and stability at the same time. You can see this, for example, by applying both agile working and LEAN process management in Operations.

Changes in the direction or digitalization of the organization result in changes in mobility and the need for strengthening leadership. We therefore help organizations to create the backbone for managing performance and increasing performance management with a stable structure and resilient processes. At the same time, we help them to develop a governance with values-driven leadership, simple decision-making processes and a flexible organizational culture and agile WoW, which allows the organization to adapt itself to new challenges and opportunities. This is about empowerment and risk management; values-oriented people focus and teamwork.

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To make good use of human capital, organizations shift their focus from norms to purpose and from hierarchy to more autonomy. This requires continuous coordination between vision and strategy and HR. It is scientifically proven that organizations do better with a professional policy in the areas of retention and growth mindset. Unique and difficult-to-imitate competencies such as problem-solving ability, creativity and teamwork will become even more important in the future. A shift from cognitive skills to personal qualities means that organizations are reviewing how work is organized and what skills are needed. Engagement and attracting, retaining and training employees play a major role in this; strategic workforce planning and re-skilling map it out and anticipate shortages.

Our customers gain insight into the changing needs of their organization and employees throughout the entire employee journey. We support this with a modular approach to talent acquisition – attracting the right employees, with the right competencies, at the right time – and the employee journey, which is supported with the help of a competitive preboarding, onboarding and screening policy, and HR Service model. In this way we help organizations to increase their impact and realize (digital) strategy. Our vision is explained below by Gerrien Anbeek in an interview with trade magazine PW. Magazine.

Interview Gerrien Anbeek PW. Pro Insight Researchpaper: Is there sufficient attention for the employee experience within HR?

Management Retraite Santenay

Gerrien Anbeek and Cint Kortmann offer an innovative concept of management training and retreat in Santenay, Burgundy; the MANAGEMENT RETRAITE. Distinctive is the acquisition of knowledge on topics such as digital transformation, big data and robotics in an inspiring environment, combined with accelerated leadership development. But we do more: By underpinning results and insights about where the  organisation is going with smart tools and dashboards, instant value and competitive advantage is created. Leadership development goes deeper and team building and culture change are better anchored by a concrete spot on the horizon with data visualisation. Visits to leading and innovative winegrowers enhance the experience, and wine tastings provide the necessary joy de vivre

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