Innovative author

Gerrien Anbeek is the author of the book Een Tesla inparkeren kan iedereen – Leiderschap in Digitale Transformatie. This is about how an organization can future-proof itself in a digital way and how you behave in this as a leader. She presents her vision on the basis of a scientific literature study, experiences with customers and an original transformation concept. She knows how to explain complicated digital matter in a clear way and translate it into applicable solutions such as leadership development and new ways of working.

Gerrien writes articles and opinion pieces in newspapers such as the FD and NRC, and contributes to podcasts at BNR News Radio, on topics such as leadership and digital transformation, remuneration and bonuses, trends on the labor market and the future of work.


Een Tesla inparkeren kan iedereen

The nature of work will look fundamentally different in the future than it does today. While some jobs will be lost and many new ones will be created, almost all jobs will change as a result of the introduction of artificial intelligence and robotics. The role of the manager is essential in making this transition successful.

But if leadership is so critical to the success of a digital transformation, why aren’t many more transformations successful? How do you, as a manager and professional, take control of your job and career? Digital transformation is the transition to a different business model or integrated way of organizing, in which digital technologies play a dominant role. 

Gerrien describes her vision on the basis of the leadership transformation cycle© and the hourglass model© (registered in the register of the Benelux Office for Intellectual Property (I-DEPOT certificate 126825, 20-07-2020), so that you can fulfill your leadership role in a contemporary and effective way. You gain knowledge and insight into digital transformation and the book provides context on the subjects of the future of work and personal leadership.

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