- About Gerrien -

"Gerrien energizes people and brings calm and direction to organizations in change."

Gerrien is a (non-)executive director, advisory and author in the field of leadership, HR and change management. Developing people and organizations cohesively together to add value for her clients is her strength. She helps them realize their growth ambitions and reimagine their position, instead of focusing on digitizing what they already do. 

As an executive director (a.i.) and expat with more than 25 years of experience with international complex change transformations, Gerrien provides a unique insight into current trends in organizations and society. In her assignments, seminars and workshops, Gerrien speaks about themes such as leadership, organizational culture, digital transformation, trends on the labor market and the future of work. Broad welfare, diversity & inclusion, reward and equal pay are part of her specialisms too.

Gerrien is a member of the non-executive board of directors of the Examenkamer and a member of the supervisory board of Marnix College. From 01-01-2024 she will be appointed as a member of the supervisory board of Allegoeds Vakanties, where she chairs the remuneration committee. She is also a member of the PE committee of the Erasmus Governance Institute, Erasmus University. Her focus is on HR, remuneration, legal and governance. 

Gerrien has earned her BSc. Human Resources at Hogeschool Utrecht and graduated with a MSc. in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, specializing in Management & Organisations, at Utrecht University. She completed the post academic course legal mediaton and ADR at the University of Amsterdam in 2010 and completed the Program for Experienced Non-Executive Directors at Erasmus University in 2022.

Gerrien can be booked as a speaker, chairman and facilitator through Marga Miltenburg of ZijSpreekt.


Making organizations more beautiful

This involves contributing to the challenges that organizations and leadership face in the coming years, such as the transition to a different business model, customer experience or way of working involving digital technologies. An adapted organizational culture, agile structure and operating model and HR strategy are required for this. Growth themes such as mobility, long-term value creation and decisiveness are central. Interim management, (HR) policy development and workshops contribute to this with applicable solutions.

Moving people forward

This is about making the potential of people visible, deploying them, and making organizations more sustainable from a value chain perspective. The organization puts the customer and employee 100% central throughout the customer and employee journey and is connected to a valuable network. We make knowledge, expertise, and experience available in order to make growth mean progress, with a systematic organizational development and leadership development approach.

- Services -

Gerrien's expertises

HR Strategy & Advisory

More than other investments
the investment in people and a high performance culture is high yield.

Retain & Engage

Aligning HR strategy with impact with the future of work and the strategic perspective of the organization ensures long-term value creation and distinctiveness.

Organizational Development

Sometimes the entire management needs to make a move, from team leader to the top. Most organizations can’t do it alone.

Organize & Perform

Digital Transformation 2.0 works on transformation and sustainable employability. Capitalizing on strengths rather than investing in hard-to-develop weaknesses.

Leadership Coaching & Mediation

The role of leadership is too important to leave its development to chance.

Motivate & Inspire

Strengthening leadership and building high performance teams provides direction and calm in a changing environment. The organization's power to change is thus strengthened.

Governance & Board Advisory

Value-based oversight provides a professional and diverse interplay in board dynamics and governance.

Diversity & Expertise

From 'command and control' to 'inspiration and monitoring'. Vision development on creating long-term value for customers, employees and stakeholders is the basis for this.



Innovative author

Gerrien’s book  Een Tesla inparkeren kan iedereen – Leadership in Digital Transformation is about how you can  future-proof yourself in a digital way and how you need to behave as a leader. She expresses her vision on the basis of a scientific literature research, experiences with customers and an original transformation concept that has been registered with the Benelux Office for Intellectual Property. Gerrien knows how to explain complicated digital matter in a clear way and how translate it into applicable solutions.

She publishes opinion pieces and articles in trade media and national newspapers such as the FD, on topics such as leadership, bonus and reward, employee experience, trends on the labor market and the future of work.

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The Book: "Een Tesla inparkeren kan iedereen"

If leadership is so crucial to the success of a digital transformation, why aren’t many more transformations successful? How do you as a manager and professional take charge of your job and your career? Digital transformation is the transition to a different business model or integrated way of organising, in which digital technologies play a dominant role. This book is about how to be future-proof in a digital way and how you behave in this as a leader. It offers tools for leaders to get started themselves, resulting in successful teams and organisations.


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