Gerrien Anbeek is co-author of the book “The Entrepreneurial Alphabet”.

Gerrien Anbeek is co-author of the Communication and Leadership chapters of The Entrepreneurial Alphabet

Entrepreneurship is a profession. Because the book “The Entrepreneur Alphabet” has been received with undiminished enthusiasm by entrepreneurs, we decided to refresh the Entrepreneur Alphabet. Laws and regulations have changed in the course of time so that some passages were somewhat outdated. In addition, other writers have been invited to take on a number of chapters. The pattern is the same: providing insight into many subjects that occupy entrepreneurs in short, smoothly written chapters.

In addition to the regular authors Mariëtte Bos, Jacqueline Caro, Rick Franke, Jerry Grüter, Sheila van Limpt, Kees Tuip and Femke Westra, we also see new writers such as Gerrien Anbeek, Sergio Torres and Martijn Pont who have revamped the chapters C – Communication, L – Leadership, F – Finance and Z – Zooitje (Lean production). They are all experts in their fields.

The authors know from their own experience that nothing is as much fun as running your own business. Doing what you want, not being afraid but always making well-considered choices.

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