Gerrien is a (non-)executive director, author and passionate speaker at conferences and meetings. She guides leadership processes, digital transformation of HR and culture change at global organizations and draws inspiration from them for her lectures and workshops. She makes an impact by combining strength in content with vision and empathy. Gerrien can be booked as a speaker, chairman and facilitator via Marga Miltenburg of ZijSpreekt.

- career -

Gerrien's career

Gerrien’s career started as a trainee at Rabobank and global director Program & Change Management at KPMG Consulting. Before the latter, she worked as an expatriate in Washington DC, New York and London for almost four years. She specializes in digital transformation and HR, leadership development and culture change for global corporate organizations, such as T-Mobile, PVH Europe (Tommy Hilfiger | Calvin Klein), Jacobs Douwe Egberts, Rabobank, CGI, PostNL, ABN Amro and APG.

- activities -

Gerrien's activities

Gerrien works as an interim director and advisor at global corporate organizations. She helps boards of directors and executives prepare for changes in the context of digital transformation, in a way that does justice to their organization. To enable value creation, instead of asking executives and employees to work in new ways within the confines of their old business model. Gerrien is a member of VNO-NCW Broad Welfare Committee, which focuses on achieving a sustainable society with equal opportunities and work (CSR) and a member of Think Tank Worldconnectors, which focuses on moral economy and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Until recently, Gerrien was an elected member of the NCD Council of Members, Dutch Association of Commissioners and Directors. Before that, she was a member of the Supervisory Board of the GAZO Foundation, a primary health care organization, and a member of the Supervisory Board of the Leprosy Foundation. Within her supervisory board memberships, Gerrien fulfills a chairmanship role in the selection and remuneration committee with the specialisms HR and organizational development.


Music Festivals, Broad Welfare & Innovation

As a board member of VVAO, the Dutch Association of Higher Educated Women, Gerrien works on her passion SDG #5 Gender Equality. Think Tank Worldconnectors membership supports her passion for a universal basic income as a new opportunity for #1 SDG No Poverty to reduce poverty and create broad wealth. In 2017, as chair of the Innovation Committee of the Koninklijke Industrieele Groote Club, she organized an Innovation Trip to Silicon Valley and LA, which laid the foundation for her book “Everyone can park a Tesla” about leadership in Digital Transformation. In addition to her career, Gerrien is a soprano in a choir and she has set up and led a number of (classical) music festivals. Gerrien was included in the What is Your Legacy | Women with Power collection of Topvrouwen.nl.

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