Contemporary governance consists of value-oriented supervision; from ‘command and control’ to ‘inspiration and monitoring’. Two pillars are long-term value creation and culture and behaviour. To be successful in a digitalised world, managers need to put human values at the centre. This requires different qualities, such as understanding how technology and people reinforce each other and create added value. But above all, it requires inspiring employees based on purpose and giving them the freedom to create value as they see fit. This then contributes together to long-term value creation. From values to value; purpose-driven corporate governance is also instrumental for the performance of the organisation. It is the responsibility of supervisory directors, in their role as employers, to put long-term value creation on the agenda and make it explicit in their talks with the MB. Directors must ensure that the organisational culture and tone at the top are consistent with the identity of the company. This forms the DNA that determines both the values of the employees and the context for behaviour, and creates movement towards desired behaviour. Employees will then use their commitment and creativity to create the conditions for themselves and the organisation to flourish in a digital transformation.



We are specialised and certified in management advice and governance. We help solve challenges faced by board and management, such as formulating a viable change strategy and remuneration policy, in which the organisation’s values are aligned with those of the employees and the desired organisational culture. We consider the intervention repertoire for directors and supervisory directors, in various situations in the boardroom and in development phases of the organisation.

Governance topics such as risk management, strategic decision-making processes, diversity and boardroom dynamics are our speciality. We understand the interests, politics and emotions involved and deploy these dynamics in a constructive manner.